Close-up shot of the FDDI router at MAE WEST, circa 1997
This is the very first Juniper router deployed in a production network.
Currently, this router is in one of Juniper’s warehouse in the Lookheed Martin building.

An Olive - JUNOS software-based router with FDDI interfaces at MAE WEST
Circa 1997
2 decommission C7000s in the foreground

Olive with ATM OC-3 interface which replace the FDDI router when MAE WEST upgraded from FDDI to ATM
Circa late 1997-early 1998

The “brand new” Net Edge ATM switch at MAE WEST, circa 1998

One of the first Juniper Networks, Inc.’s M40 router being uncreated at UUNet Lab. Circa August 1998

M40 router at UUNet Lab, August 1998