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Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix)

B-Jaxx is one of my favorites, no doubts.

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Evaluation of an IP Fabric network architecture for CERN's data center

And another one CLOS design.
This stuff is not so modern, but quite interesting and illustrates some useful design approaches.

Evaluation of an IP Fabric network architecture for CERN’s data center

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Testing methodologies: ITU-T Y.1564 & RFC2544

Unfortunately, I often note that there is a huge gap in understanding of network performance testing methodology.
Almost every related case goes down to “It seems it was quite better earlier”. No metrics, no anamnesis, so it makes me sad each time.

Just to be more confident I’ve gone through these canonical documents. Will keep it in mind for reference.

ITU-T Y.1564: Ethernet service activation test methodology
RFC:2544: Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices

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Meeting with Segment Routing

Finally, I’ve got a chance to take a dive into Segment Routing concepts, operations, and other aspects.
I was labbing with the migration scenario which is described in “DAY ONE: MIGRATING TO SEGMENT ROUTING”.

Have got a lot of fun, recommended.

I’m going to setup SRv6 topology as well, once I get the time.


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Fiber Optic Cables Could Shake Up Our Understanding of Deep-Sea Quakes

Despite the remote and punishing environment, we already have a plethora of potential eyes on the bottom of the sea. There are around 400 fiber optic cables spanning the oceans.
These cables are already the backbone of the global Internet - what if they could be the backbone of deep-sea monitoring and research efforts as well?


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Illusion - the new memory boosted AI chip built with resistive RAM.

Quote: But RRAM does have a drawback. Like Flash memory, it wears out after being overwritten too many times.


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Getting in touch with RIFT

I’ve recently taken a closer look at RIFT(Routing in Fat Trees) protocol.

Some details below.

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Microsoft has filed a patent that may allow the company to reincarnate people as chatbots

Microsoft has filed a patent that may allow the company to reincarnate people as chatbots. Instead of using training material to develop chatbots, the recent findings by Protocol raises the possibility that we might see chatbots from a specific person in the future.

According to the news report, the system would collect data from images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages, and written letters to build a person’s profile. A special index will also be used to train the chatbot according to the personality of the specific person.

Patent No. US010853717B2

I have to mention here.

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OpenAI's updates.

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MuZero: Mastering Go, chess, shogi and Atari without rules

For many years, researchers have sought methods that can both learn a model that explains their environment, and can then use that model to plan the best course of action. Until now, most approaches have struggled to plan effectively in domains, such as Atari, where the rules or dynamics are typically unknown and complex.


Impressive(said in a Quake 3 voice)! Well, step by step, bit by bit. When will it be able to play in CS or Q3?

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