Illusion - the new memory boosted AI chip built with resistive RAM.

Quote: But RRAM does have a drawback. Like Flash memory, it wears out after being overwritten too many times.


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Microsoft Designing Its Own Chips for Servers, Surface PCs

Microsoft Corp. is working on in-house processor designs for use in server computers that run the company’s cloud services, adding to an industrywide effort to reduce reliance on Intel Corp.’s chip technology.


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Deep inside Network Processor Architecture

Very interesting paper undercut about concepts of modern network hardware architecture and computation complexity of packet processing applications.

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Intel buys a networking chip design firm

Intel has announced that it will buy Fulcrum Microsystems, a fabless chip company that designs chips for networking equipment.

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China builds world's fastest supercomputer

Chinese researchers have built the world’s fastest supercomputer, which is almost 50 percent more powerful than its predecessor.

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