Routes, tables, trees

Probably, I am getting old and sentimental, but again I couldn’t to resist the fundamental pages.
I had to take a closer look at FIB scaling issues and came across some papers.

A Tree-Based Packet_Routing Table for Berkeley Unix
Constructing Optimal IP Routing Tables

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GoBGP: BGP implementation in Go

There was an interesting challenge these days. I had to emulate BGP FlowSpec RFC 5575 peering and some announces to the DUT.
Unfortunelly, my testing and assurance software version doesn’t support this ability, but I have found out this suitable cozy project. Link below, thanks to developers.

GoBGP on GitHub

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Evaluation of an IP Fabric network architecture for CERN's data center

And another one CLOS design.
This stuff is not so modern, but quite interesting and illustrates some useful design approaches.

Evaluation of an IP Fabric network architecture for CERN’s data center

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Testing methodologies: ITU-T Y.1564 & RFC2544

Unfortunately, I often note that there is a huge gap in understanding of network performance testing methodology.
Almost every related case goes down to “It seems it was quite better earlier”. No metrics, no anamnesis, so it makes me sad each time.

Just to be more confident I’ve gone through these canonical documents. Will keep it in mind for reference.

ITU-T Y.1564: Ethernet service activation test methodology
RFC:2544: Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices

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Meeting with Segment Routing

Finally, I’ve got a chance to take a dive into Segment Routing concepts, operations, and other aspects.
I was labbing with the migration scenario which is described in “DAY ONE: MIGRATING TO SEGMENT ROUTING”.

Have got a lot of fun, recommended.

I’m going to setup SRv6 topology as well, once I get the time.


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Getting in touch with RIFT

I’ve recently taken a closer look at RIFT(Routing in Fat Trees) protocol.

Some details below.

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Understanding Inter-AS L3VPN - Option A/B/C

One more time, I would refresh my tender memories about MPLS l3vpn options. By the way, I recently faced with D option again.

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Junos ® OS Routing Policies, Firewall Filters, and Traffic Policers Feature Guide

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Welcome to World of Tomorrow!

Light sadness, the hopeful manifest, trading of vision of future as is.

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Clarifying COS

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