ntroduced in 2011, and installed in production networks around the world, NEC ProgrammableFlow® Networking Suite was the first commercially available Software-Defined Network (SDN) solution to leverage the OpenFlow protocol, enabling full network virtualization and allowing enterprises, data centers and service providers to easily deploy, control, monitor and manage secure multi-tenant network infrastructure.

ProgrammableFlow SDN automates and simplifies network administration for greater business agility, and provides a network-wide programmable interface for unifying the deployment and management of network services with the rest of IT infrastructure. This open network architecture separates the network control plane from the data plane � centralizing and streamlining network administration.

The ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite enables better utilization of all IT assets for ongoing investment protection as customers add functionality or upgrade their networks. With its SDN offering, ProgrammableFlow Networking Suite, NEC offers a simple solution for complex networks.

NEC�s ProgrammableFlow SDN networking solution is:

Simple � Centralizes and automates control of the network, eliminating fragile and complex protocols and the manual, error-prone processes inherent to conventional networks.
Fast � Provides highly resilient Layer 2 and Layer 3 multipath networks that support network interfaces up to 1 terabit. ProgrammableFlow�s distributed virtual routing function eliminates the bottlenecks associated with traditional network design, providing line rate optimal traffic forwarding throughout the network.
Open � Supports both OpenFlow 1.3 and 1.0 standards, and was the first to be certified by the Open Networking Foundation, acknowledging NEC�s commitment to open standards.
Secure � NEC�s Virtual Tenant Network (VTN) technology enables isolated and secure virtual networks. Each VTN has its own network policy, eliminating complexity and trade-offs in traditional network security design.

NEC ProgrammableFlow Networking offers a simple solution for complex networks.