Cisco ME 3800X Series Carrier Ethernet Switch Router

New really interesting product from Cisco:

Cisco ME 3800X Series Carrier Ethernet Switch Router Data Sheet

At this moment I haven�t any information about Cisco ME 3800X�s price.


ME3800X Carrier Ethernet Switch Router 24 GE SFP+2 10GE SFP+ - 22K
ME3800X Metro Aggregation Services License - 10K

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Cisco pledges $500m to East London Tech City

Cisco has pledged to invest around $500m in the UK, part of which will go towards the East London Tech City scheme to develop a competitor to Silicon Valley in the British capital.


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Exhaustively about MPLS inter-AS

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Cisco REP and others

It's very exhaustive article about subj.

Methods of using Ethernet in a ring topology

note: as far as I understand juniper support g.8032 only for MX-series.

Juniper Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
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Microsoft clustering ASIS

The NLB default setting is unicast mode. In unicast mode, NLB replaces the actual MAC address of each server in the cluster to a common NLB MAC address. When all the server in the cluster have the same MAC address, all packets forwarded to that address are sent to all members of the cluster. However, a problem with this configuration is when the servers NLB cluster are connected to the same switch, you cannot have two ports on the switch register the same MAC address. NLB solves this problem by masking the cluster MAC address. The switch looks at the source MAC address in the Ethernet frame header in order to learn which MAC addresses are associated with its ports. NLB creates a bogus MAC address and assigns that bogus MAC address to each server in the NLB cluster. NLB assigns each NLB server a different bogus MAC address based on the host ID of the member. This address appears in the Ethernet frame header.

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