New Juniper MX5,10,40

As can I understand it’s a software restricted version of mx80.

MX Series

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MegaFon Selects Juniper Networks Security and Routing Solutions for Next Generation Mobile Infrastructure

Russian Mobility Leader Enhances Critical Network Services with High-Performance Solutions

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TE Mesh Groups & implementations

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Juniper PTX Atomic monsters with octagonal shaped bodies

Juniper PTX3000

Juniper The Converged supercore
Juniper The Converged packet transport

PS: …Because I dared to dream of my own race of atomic monsters, atomic supermen with octagonal shaped bodies that suck blood…

(c) Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth “Futurama”

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It sounds interesting..

Juniper QFabric System

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Olive: early JUNOS software-based router

Close-up shot of the FDDI router at MAE WEST, circa 1997
This is the very first Juniper router deployed in a production network.
Currently, this router is in one of Juniper’s warehouse in the Lookheed Martin building.

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Juniper XRE200 External Routing Engine

Interesting alternative solutions for Virtual Switching

Juniper XRE200 External Routing Engine

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Cisco REP and others

It's very exhaustive article about subj.

Methods of using Ethernet in a ring topology

note: as far as I understand juniper support g.8032 only for MX-series.

Juniper Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
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